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Xiamen MuRuJia Trade Co.,LTD Xiamen MuRuJia Trade Co.,LTD Xiamen MuRuJia Trade Co.,LTD
Pipeline production plan Shipping -- container loading. Complete - partial discharge pipe and screw fittings.

Company Details:

Business Type : Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market : North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands : MuRuJia
Annual Sales : 2000000 yuan-$286,143.5
Year Established : 2015
Export p.c : 80% - 90%

Respect customers, understand customers, continuously provide products and services beyond the expectation of customers, and serve as customers forever.This is the service concept we have been adhering to and advocating.

First, every step, the first thought is that the customer's consumption concept has changed after the company has changed from seller's market to buyer's market.In the face of numerous commodities (or services), consumers are more willing to accept good quality goods (or services).The quality of the product is not only the internal quality of the product, but also the package quality and service quality of the product.Therefore, it is necessary to meet the needs of consumers comprehensively and maximally.Instead of studying, designing, and improving services, you should stand on the side of the customer (or consumer).

We should improve the quality of service, strengthen pre-sale, sale and after-sale service, and help customers to solve all kinds of problems arising in the use of goods, so as to make customers feel greatly convenient.

We attach great importance to customers' opinions, let them participate in the decision making, and treat the customers' opinions as an important part of the customer satisfaction.

Good relations with customers, friendship and cooperation make people happy.

Build all customer-centric systems.The establishment of each department, the change of service process, etc., should be centered on customer needs and quick response to customer opinions.

The customer is always right.

The customer is the buyer of the product, not the trouble maker.

Customers know their own needs and hobbies, which is exactly the information that enterprises need to collect.

Due to the "natural consistency" of the customer, a customer's unpleasantness is the unpleasantness of all the customers.

Customer satisfaction:

1. Product satisfaction: refers to the customer's satisfaction with the product quality.

2. Satisfaction of service: refers to a positive attitude of customers to the pre-sale, sale and after-sale service of the goods purchased.No matter how perfect the product and how reasonable the price, it must rely on the service when it is in the market."After-sales service makes permanent customers".Corporate image satisfaction refers to the positive evaluation of the social public's overall strength and overall impression.

"5S" means "SMILE", "SPEED", "honesty", "SMART" and "STUDY".The concept of "5S" is the most representative service culture innovation, which is not only characterized by human nature, but also has considerable maneuverability.Smile: a modest smile.A salesman needs to be considerate to his clients, so he can make a real smile.A smile can reflect a thankful heart and a spirit of tolerance, a smile can be cheerful, healthy and considerate.Rapid: refers to "quick action", it has two meanings: one is the speed of physics, that is to work as quickly as possible, do not let the customer wait;2 it is to demonstrate the speed, the salesman sincerity real action and considerate heart can lead to customer satisfaction, so that they don't feel like waiting for a long time, in order to prompt action show vitality, don't let customer waiting for is an important measure of service quality.Sincerity: if the salesman is willing to do his best to serve the customer, the customer will be able to understand it.To work with sincere and sincere attitude, is the important basic state of mind of the salesman and the basic principle of human behavior.Dexterity: smart, neat, neat.In order to receive customers in a clean and neat way, employees are able to pack their products with dexterity, agility and elegance, and gain the trust of customers with flexible and smart work attitude.Research: to learn and master the knowledge of goods at all times, to study the psychology of customers and the skills of reception and coping.More efforts to study the customer's daily shopping psychology, sales, service skills, professional knowledge, study more goods is not only at the reception customer level improved, also will have better results.

We do business first to make money, but not just for money, but not for profit.

Profit is the reward for good service.The process of pursuing profit, namely, through the spring breeze and rain of dedication, makes the lake satisfied with the willing return, without complaint, full of gratefulness to give the money to us.

Don't make a quick buck, turn the service into plunder, blackmail, and deceit.

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